Other Services

Through his primary focuse of representing people charged with crimes and juveniles, John has experience in these other areas of law:

Speeding Tickets and Traffic Violations

Speeding tickets and other traffic violations may result in hefty fines, license suspensions, or increases in insurance.

John focuses on obtaining pre-trial results in regards to traffic offenses. The focus of his representation is minimizing licensure restrictions and financial impact in the present and future.

Dependency and other Juvenile Custody

When unmarried couples have children, parties often want to formalize the custody relationship in juvenile court. John works regularly with mothers and fathers to establish and modify custody relationships.

John also works with families when Job and Family Services is involved. Whether you are subject to a parentage action, or are seeking custody of a child with agency involvement, John can help.

Estate Planning

John always had an interest in helping families plan for the future. This isn't just a passing interest, as John took a 18-week course in regards to estate planning and drafting through the Cincinnati Bar Association.

Business Organization

John also helps small businesses correctly organize and file necessary paperwork with the State of Ohio.